Is printing the bane of your life?

Ink cartridge status screen with message that black ink has run dry.

How often do you hit the print button on an important document only for a message to appear telling you that you are low or heaven forbid the page appears from the printer and is blank or completely unreadable? This is a common occurrence amongst the computer users of the world and is akin to range anxiety on an electric vehicle, how far will my ink go!

Computer users of the world fear not we have put together this simple guide to help you navigate the minefield that is print cartridges so that you can rest assured you are getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to printing.

Branded Ink Cartridges:

  1. Quality Assurance: Branded ink cartridges are manufactured by reputable companies and undergo rigorous quality control processes, ensuring consistent performance and print quality.
  2. Compatibility: Branded cartridges are designed specifically for use with the corresponding printer models, minimizing the risk of compatibility issues and printer malfunctions.
  3. Warranty Coverage: Many branded ink cartridges come with warranty coverage, providing peace of mind and protection against defects or damage.
  4. Support and Service: Branded ink cartridge manufacturers often offer customer support and service, including troubleshooting assistance and cartridge recycling programs.

Non-Branded Ink Cartridges:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Non-branded ink cartridges are typically more affordable than their branded counterparts, offering significant cost savings, especially for high-volume printing.
  2. Wide Availability: Non-branded cartridges are widely available from various third-party manufacturers and retailers, providing consumers with more options and flexibility.
  3. Compatible Alternatives: Many non-branded cartridges are designed to be compatible with multiple printer models, offering versatility and convenience for consumers with different printer brands.
  4. Comparable Performance: Despite their lower price, non-branded cartridges often deliver comparable print quality and performance to branded cartridges, making them a cost-effective choice for everyday printing needs.

Ink Cartridge Refilling Kits:

  1. Environmentally Friendly: Refilling kits promote environmental sustainability by reducing waste and minimizing the disposal of plastic cartridges.
  2. Cost Savings: Refilling ink cartridges with refill kits can be significantly cheaper than purchasing new cartridges, offering long-term cost savings for frequent printers.
  3. Customization: Refilling kits allow users to customize their ink cartridges by selecting specific ink colors and quantities, catering to individual printing preferences and requirements.
  4. DIY Convenience: Refilling kits provide the convenience of refilling ink cartridges at home or in the office, eliminating the need for frequent trips to purchase new cartridges and reducing downtime.

In summary, the merits of each type of ink cartridge—branded, non-branded, and refilling kits—vary based on factors such as cost, quality, convenience, and environmental considerations. Consumers can evaluate these factors to determine which option best aligns with their printing needs and budgetary constraints.

At A10 Computers we are looking into the best printer options to give you the maximum value and the longest lasting ink. We are currently testing the Brother DCP-J1200W and will be looking at Epson EcoTank and HP Smart Tank offerings all of which we believe will deliver excellent results. Look out for the recommendations appearing in our blog.

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